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Faith Watson

Experts Warn of Allergies Caused by Mobile Phone Accessories

3 min read

It is our everyday habit to hold on to our phones every now and then. If we can only estimate how many times we look into our phones every single hour, I would assume that everyone agrees if I say more than ten times?

There is no point denying the fact that people nowadays are too attached to their mobile phones. As they evolve, they gradually allow us to call, text, chat, email, pay bills, watch movies and videos and just get connected to the world. In other sense, we have become too dependent on our phones for a number of reasons including ease and becoming one with the trend. However, with the evolvement of technology and people, the dangers that we are facing also seems to double.

When experts once warn of the dangers our mobile phone can cause to our brains and disabling proper language comprehension based on numerous reviews and researches, they are currently warning us of the allergy it can cause if we frequently use our own mobile phone accessories.

According to a recent study published in the journal Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology, continuously using our phones for 30 minutes plus throughout the day can increase the risk of cell phone-related allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) for those allergic to nickel, cobalt, and chromium. The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phones and laptop peripherals in Taiwan with their research team on their recent awareness campaign in Jakarta, Indonesia also stated, “Headsets, if kept on our ears for more than 2 hours, can accumulate 4,000 germs which keep on multiplying by the minute. These germs can crawl inside our middle and inner ear and eat away the bones. Since the ear only has a thin partition to the brain, this is not a laughing matter”.

As cell phone allergies are increasingly on the rise and laws restricting nickel use in consumer products remain ineffective, users can take several safety measures to limit their nickel exposure. Speakerphones now have rubber and protective screens which can minimize the exposure to germs. It is still important though that we use our headsets wisely.  Also, the duration and conditions of your cell phone play a big role in the likelihood of getting a reaction.

Experts also advise to refrain from using fraud copies of accessories to avoid double exposure to germs and also from unexpected technical malfunction and other substances that can further cause harm.

Faith Watson

The Secret to a Great Marriage, Meir Ezra

2 min read

Why are these statements all lies?

"The honeymoon is over. We can't get the spark back in our marriage."

"When I married you, I expected you'd stay in love with me."

"This other person is my soul mate and so I've got to get a divorce."

When you meet someone and fall in love, it seems like your love will last forever. So you get married. You want a permanent feeling of love. Yet sooner or later, it happens . . . no more spark.

Maybe a marriage counselor tells you to take a weekend trip together. If you enjoy the weekend, you might feel a little spark again. But once you get back to your routine, the honeymoon is over again.

Maybe you try a drug or drink some wine to make your marriage better. If it helps, it is only temporary and then drops to new lows. Besides, who wants to depend on a chemical for a good marriage?

All too often, husbands and wives give up. They either learn to live with a dead relationship or get divorced.


The biggest lie is that once you get married, you can sit back and enjoy it. Unfortunately, a marriage does not exist just because you have a marriage license. A family does not exist just because you have children. Read more articles and advice from Meir Ezra